Spring Hairfest 2019 was a weekend for the books!

North Bay was LUCKY to have both Ivo Tiberio and Esther Timewell up there for Spring Hairfest this past weekend, where our two stylists headed up there to help judge the Hairfest competition, as well as prepare models for event’s big gala! At Gravity Salon we are always looking for ways that we can help to contribute and to give back to the community, and this was an amazing way to do it! Ivo had the pleasure of judging the weekend’s hair competition, which was full of contestants who are students at the Modern College of Hairstyling and Esthetics, apprentices and licensed hair stylists from the area, and he saw some AMAZING work! As he was doing this, Esther was working alongside many other talented stylists from KAO Canada to prepare and style all of the gala’s models – and they all looked picture perfect! It was a great weekend of talent and fun as many Goldwell stylists from near and far joined their forces to make this an unforgettable weekend for the amazing stylists from the north! We already can’t wait for Spring HairFest 2020!






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Knoxville, you were good to us!

The other weekend was a creative one down in Knoxville, Tennessee, where Gravity’s very own Lindie Blackwell was at Belleza hair salon where she was helping the salon’s stylists prepare their looks in advance for this year’s Colorzoom competition! It was an amazing weekend for these stylists who were able to learn some new techniques and tips and tricks on how to make their Colorzoom entries for the year bigger and better than ever! With her technique and expertise, as well as her years of experience in the hair competition industry, she was able to give a ton of guidance and intel on this hair season’s top trends from her very own perspective as a multi-time award-winning stylist. As you may be able to tell by the name, Colorzoom, this competition is all about colour and creativity, and these are two things that Lindie does best, which is why she was the perfect choice for a weekend-long mentorship class! Not only did these stylists get to learn from the best, they also had a professional photographer there to capture the entire thing and to take some amazing prep shots for them! Check out some of the pictures from the weekend below, and stay tuned for some more exciting travel updates!



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Lindie Blackwell Takes Over Canadian Hairdresser Magazine!

Our stylists make us proud all the time, but it’s not every day that a salon gets to boast that one of their very own stylists was selected to do the cover of Canadian Hairdresser Magazine! This was in the works for a while, but it was always on the down-low…. Until now! And now that the issue has been published, we can’t stop talking about it! For this Colour Edition of Canadian Hairdresser Magazine, Lindie worked alongside a team of extremely talented professionals to make the vision for the Goldwell Remix Collection a reality, including fellow Goldwell Colourist, Michael Shire, Make-up and Nail Artist, Delia Lupan and Photographer, Dan Lim. The four of these creative and talented humans created a number of styles with vibrant colours and edgy, modern cuts, that were all beautifully-captured in some stellar photography work. The magic doesn’t stop there though – not only was Lindie focused on the cover of Canadian Hairdresser Magazine, her and her work was featured in an 8-page spread in the magazine itself. With a range of vibrant pinks, blues and yellows, this collection has us feeling extra excited for spring! Lindie has always had an amazingly-creative eye for colour and we have no doubt that this, mixed with her undeniable talent is exactly what landed her this incredible opportunity, and we are so so SO proud!! Our stylists never fail to amaze us <3 Check out the pics below to see both the cover and the 8-page spread!






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Gravity Heads to Montreal to “Train the Trainers”!

Our salon owner Ivo Tiberio just doesn’t stop! Just this week, not long after he came back from New York City, he was on the road (or in the sky) again – this time, to Montreal, Quebec! Instead of being trained though, it was Ivo’s turn to train the trainer! As a National Technical Trainer for the major colour company, Goldwell, it is Ivo’s job to ensure that future Goldwell teachers are communicating the brand’s message and mandate correctly, and in accordance with its global standards – and that is exactly what he went there to do. Working for Goldwell as an educator for almost 30 years himself, Ivo knows just how important it is to accurately represent Goldwell at all times while teaching fellow stylists and was excited to be able to pass along this knowledge to 9 new prospective Goldwell educators! This multi-day training program was very comprehensive and really gave the up and coming educators a true sense of what their future responsibilities will entail. We can’t wait to see what they bring to the table after this!  The training did not end here though, this upcoming weekend Ivo is heading down to Toronto to do the same training all over again, but this time he will be educating 21 future educators! Keep an eye on our social media over the next couple weeks to stay updated on the Toronto training and, as always, everything else that we have going on here at the salon!



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Gravity Salon Professionals does NYC!

Last weekend was an exciting one for a bunch of our Gravity stylists who jet-setted down to the Goldwell Academy in New York City alongside 6 other Master Colourists from Canada for an exclusive Goldwell training program! Once they got there, they were also trained alongside fellow Master Colourists and Stylists from the USA and Mexico – an amazing environment for sharing each other’s creativity! Our salon owner, Ivo Tiberio, and two of our Master Colourists and Stylists Jamie Dennis and Lindie Blackwell, attended different training events over the span of 4 days to expand their skills and knowledge as professionals in the field and also to network and interact with their industry peers!


This training was multi-faceted and this time around, was focused somewhat on colour and styling but also had a unique component – a course on how to be effective teachers themselves. As you’ll see from their website biographies, Ivo, Jamie and Lindie are Goldwell educators, and this weekend was spent focusing more on how to effectively connect with THEIR audience, while educating others out in the field.


The weekend training covered a number of different topics, including a seminar on social media and being an influencer within the industry, but one of the most effective parts according to our stylists was learning how to connect with different learning styles throughout their training to maximize the effects that their teaching has on others. They learned how to tailor their trainings to expand outwards from their own typical training styles, and to incorporate certain training methods for different types of learners – whether it be audio, visual etc.


Alongside this insightful educator training, was of course, training that was focused on hair colour. The hair industry is currently experiencing “colour-mania” – people LOVE colour, so it’s always important for our stylists to stay on top of the most recent colour trends and product innovations so that they can deliver the very best results to their clients while behind the chair.


Jamie was fortunate enough to attend a course that gave the trainees a product topic, for example, they had to use only the Pure Pigments line from Goldwell, and they were given 12 hours to make a complete 4-5 look collection, from colour to cut and everything in between, and then they had to present that collection to their peers, and ensure that their presentation flowed effectively in a large group of people.


And as if all of this education wasn’t enough – both Ivo and Jamie (both of whom are educators for different Master Colourist Courses) learned even more about the Master Colourist Training Program, and how it has been both simplified BUT has also been made more challenging – to be a more effective training program for future elite stylists who are seeking a Master Colourist title.


The last leg of the educator training this past weekend was focused on how to effectively use social media as a stylist, and how to become an influencer in the field using the power of Instagram and Facebook to show off their talent and connect with followers and potential clients through photographs! This training is so important and so helpful, considering how social media-crazy today’s society is.

We always love being able to share with all of you the exciting stuff that’s going on inside the salon, but also the exciting things that we do outside of the salon – including all of the advanced education that our stylists receive. We always want our clients to know that when they visit our salon, they are receiving the best of the best treatment from our stylists who have a passion for what they do and for furthering their education! We can’t wait to share with you where our next big adventure takes us!


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10 Things That You Should Know About Barrie’s Best Salon!

With a new year comes lots of change – whether that change is good or bad, big or small or even as simple as trying something new that you’ve wanted to do for a while, at the end of the day it will be tough, but it will be amazing for your self-growth! Now, let’s say you want a change but you don’t know where to start, we suggest that you shake things up with a new hairstyle! A new colour, a new cut or even just a new styling technique can put a spring in your step that you forgot you had, and give you the confidence that you need to conquer the world! The decision doesn’t just stop at WHAT you want to do with your hair though, it also includes WHERE to get your hair done and trust us, that can be the hardest part. That’s why we want to give you a list of things that you may not have otherwise known about Gravity Salon Professionals, so that you can know a little bit more about us while making your decision!



1. We have been voted Barrie’s Best Salon 2 years in a row!

We keep saying that we are Barrie’s Best Salon – and we actually are! The last two years we have been voted by Barrie Advance Reader’s Choice as Barrie’s Favourite Salon, and it has been such an honour! We couldn’t be more grateful for our amazing staff, clients and community for this recognition, and it has pushed us to keep striving for excellence so that we can maintain this title for a third year in a row!


2. We have multiple award-winning stylists at our hair salon.

Every salon loves to boast about their hairstylists, but we can proudly say that we are NOT over-exaggerating when we tell you that over half of our stylists have won awards in a number of different types of contests and competitions. From smaller-scale local competitions to large national ones such as the Contessas and Colorzoom, we have always had an amazing presence there from Gravity Salon Professionals!


3. Most of our stylists are also educators, as well!

You’ve probably seen our social media posts talking about our stylists also being educators, but what does being an ‘educator’ really mean? We’re here to tell you! Our stylists are educators for both Goldwell, the colour and product line that we use almost exclusively in the salon, and also for the product-line KMS which makes all sorts of shampoos, conditioners and styling products. Our Goldwell educators teach a range of different classes including cutting classes and tons of colouring classes both at the Goldwell Academy in Toronto and also around the world! Our KMS educators teach courses on how to stay trendy with all of the amazing styling products that KMS has to offer, and how to use those products effectively! It’s pretty cool that we have all of these amazing resources right at our finger tips because we benefit from it too – whether it’s just a quick tip from one stylist to another while colouring, or having them teach a full-blown colour class right in our own salon – we are thankful every day for our brilliant stylists!


4. We started out as just a little two-man shop!

Gravity Salon has been around for 8 years now (we just celebrated our 8-year anniversary this past October) and even though it may seem like it’s hustling and bustling in here now with 6 busy stylists and 2 receptionists, it wasn’t always like this! When Gravity first opened its doors at the Big Bay Point location in 2010, it was just our salon owner Ivo, and Jamie Dennis who were running the show together! After creating and running a successful business though, more stylists came over to join the team and now we have our Gravity family at 206 Bradford Street that we can’t picture the salon without!


5. We LOVE being involved in the community!

One of our favourite things about the salon is the amazing community that it’s in – we LOVE Barrie and we love Barrie’s downtown, there’s so many things to do and see and the lakeshore is just a stone’s-throw away! That’s why we like to take any opportunity that we can to give back to that community – whether it’s donating our services to a good cause, raising money for charitable associations or even volunteering our time to different charitable events! This past year we helped out with both the very successful Fill a Purse for a Sister Campaign, as well as Barrie and District’s Christmas Cheer – both raising money to donate and volunteering our time two different mornings to help pack toys and food for the families who were receiving this assistance! We absolutely love doing stuff like this so if you’re reading this and can think of other ways that we can help, please don’t hesitate to reach out and let us know!


6. We are a Goldwell-exclusive salon!

 Many salons use a range of different products for colouring and styling, but we have found great success in sticking with our old faithfuls – Goldwell and KMS! Goldwell and KMS are both premium product lines that our stylists are very comfortable with using and they will deliver high-quality results every time! Goldwell produces a ton of innovative colouring and styling products, such as Goldwell’s newest line, Pure Pigments, that we love to use on our clients to get the best possible results! We may be biased, but we think that Goldwell is the best colour line out there and it has proven itself to us time and time again!


7. We love to keep current with the latest hair trends!

It must seem like every time that you are on Instagram or Facebook, there are new hair trends and fashions that are impossible to keep up with – whether it’s the new ‘in’ colour or cut, or even just a trendy way to style your hair – it’s almost impossible to keep up with them! But that’s why you have us – your trusted sources of hair wisdom and inspiration to help you achieve your dream hair in a way that is best-suited for you!


8. We offer premium services!

Here at Gravity our biggest passion is colour – we love the creative aspect of it and the way that a hair makeover can make somebody look and feel like a whole new person! You may not be aware that we offer many other services as well, some of which you may not be able to find other places! One of our big ones is the Kerasilk Smoothing Treatment – a healthy straightening treatment to smooth out frizz and curl for those untameable locks!


9. We are located in a cozy century home in Downtown Barrie!

 One of our favourite things about where we work is the location, location, location! We are located in a warm and cozy century home on Bradford Street right near the lake! We like to think that this sets us apart from the rest because it provides for a much more intimate and personable experience that makes clients feel equally as comfortable whether it’s their first time in the salon or their 10th time in the salon. We always get such positive feedback on our salon atmosphere and we have always taken great pride in this!


10. We are always welcoming new clients with open arms!

One of the most common questions that we receive is whether or not we are accepting new clients, and the answer is always YES! Many of our stylists have even expanded their availability for the new year to be able to take on even more clients! Don’t hesitate to give us a call here at the salon at 705-252-3992 to book your consultation or appointment today OR book online at https://gravitysalonprofessionals.ca! We can’t wait to meet you!

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Gravity Salon’s Year in Review – Farewell, 2018!

With 2018 coming quickly to a close (HOW crazy is that) we wanted to showcase our year in review, and share with you some of the things that made our year so special! 2018 for us has been full of fun, laughter and team-building, and we wouldn’t be where we are without all of our amazing and loyal clients. Obviously every year comes with its hard times and its challenges as well, but with the support of each other we always make it through!

Eight Year Anniversary

The biggest milestone that we reached this year was our 8-year anniversary, and we had a ton of fun celebrating it! In honour of the occasion, we had a celebratory breakfast with mimosas and donuts, and spent the morning learning from our very own Lindie Blackwell about Goldwell’s brand new 2018 colour line – Pure Pigments! The Pure Pigments line has been a huge hit this year both in the salon and in the hair industry in general, and we have had so much fun with it here at Gravity! Our 8-year anniversary really helped us to reflect back on our experiences over the years at Gravity Salon and the milestones that we have reached, and we have never felt more thankful for one another, for our clients, and for the amazing salon that has truly become a place to call home.

We have also received a ton of positive feedback from our clients this year about the job that we’ve been doing, which is making us feel as positive as ever! From the cozy and homey atmosphere of the salon, to the complimentary beverages and the way that each stylist makes their clients feel like old friends, we are so glad to hear that our clients, both new and old, are enjoying the experience that Gravity Salon Professionals has to offer.

Reader’s Choice Awards – Barrie’s Favourite Salon & Barrie’s Favourite Colour Technician

Another major accomplishment that we saw this year at Gravity Salon Professionals is being voted as Barrie’s Favourite Salon for the SECOND year in a row, as well as our salon owner, Ivo Tiberio, being voted as Barrie’s Favourite Colour Technician! This has been such an honour for the salon, as it means so much to us that our clients and our community were the ones who ultimately decided that we would win this amazing award. It feels so good to be able to say that we truly are Barrie’s Best Salon in the eyes of our clients and our community, and that was absolutely a highlight of both 2017 AND 2018.

Globalzoom 2018 – Toronto, ON

2018 was also a very special year for us because we had the opportunity to attend our favourite hair competition, Globalzoom right in our very own backyard in Toronto, Ontario! Normally we find ourselves jet-setting to Europe or the United Stated to attend this hair competition, but this year we were lucky enough to experience it just an hour south of our Gravity Salon home! Even better than just attending though, one of our very own stylists, Lindie Blackwell, actually worked the competition for the entire weekend as a Goldwell Stage Artist. We have always known how talented Lindie is, but having the opportunity to watch her do what she does best on a live stage for some of the best stylists in the industry was truly mind-blowing, we are so proud of our stylists here at Gravity!

Fill a Purse for a Sister & Christmas Cheer

2018 was also a year of getting involved in the community for Gravity Salon Professionals! We took part in a couple of community initiatives that we never have before, including the Fill a Purse for a Sister Campaign, and Barrie and District Christmas Cheer! We volunteered our salon as a drop-off location for purses and backpacks that were collected by generous members of the community and filled with goods and necessities that local women and children who need them most. All of the purses and backpacks got donated to the David Busby Centre in Barrie, and in turn got distributed to those in need. We were hoping that lots of people would help us out with this initiative, but we never expected just HOW many people would go out of their way to give back to the community! By the end of the three-month campaign we had proudly collected over 70 purses, and we can’t wait to do our part again next year! As well as the Fill a Purse for a Sister campaign, we decided to take part in Barrie and District Christmas Cheer in two ways – by raising money to make a cash donation on behalf of Gravity Salon Professionals, and also by donating our time with almost the entire team going to the Christmas Cheer Warehouse to help pack the bags of toys that would be distributed to children of the recipients on Christmas morning! With the help of many incredible local businesses who donated their goods and services to our charity gift basket that we filled and raffled off to our clients and their family and friends, we were able to present Christmas Cheer with a cheque for $1,050 just in time for Christmas. Raising money and volunteering and seeing just how much this organization does to help the community filled our hearts so much and we are already planning how we can help even more in 2019.

South Simcoe Sonics Basketball Team

We also sponsored our favourite boys’ basketball team for a second year in a row, the South Simcoe Sonics! We love being able to show our support for these boys and helping to make it possible for them to play their favourite game with our full support! We’re lucky that one of the Sonics’ players is our stylists, Stacey Baldwin’s son, so we are constantly getting the low-down on how they’re doing (and we hear they’re doing amazing)!

Last but not least, we have had another year of amazing HAIR! All of our stylists are so talented and whether it’s a total hair overhaul or a simple root touch-up and a trim, each of our clients leaves the salon looking nothing short of a million bucks, and we are so proud of the masterpieces that our stylists create from behind the salon chair every single day. All in all, 2018 has been spectacular and has brought us closer as a Gravity family than ever before! At the end of every year we always find ourselves how our lives could get any better – how we could become closer as a family, how our stylists could get any more talented than they already are, how many more accomplishments our stylists could really make and how our clientele could just keep getting better and better. Every year though, we are proven wrong, and we don’t see how 2019 could be any different. From the bottom of our hearts we want to say THANK YOU to everybody who has helped to make 2018 an amazing year, and who will undoubtedly make 2019 even better than we could ever anticipate. We can’t wait to see what’s in store for us, and for all of you to be along for the ride! We love you all <3

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Gravity Salon at Barrie’s Christmas Cheer!

As many of you know, we have decided to help fundraise for Barrie and District ChristmasCheer this year by collecting some donations of goods and services from some amazing local businesses from around the Barrie area, and putting them into a gift basket to be raffled off to our clients and their friends and families! The gift basket was an even bigger success than what we could ever have hoped for, and we quickly changed our goal of being able to support two families with$700 to supporting THREE families with $1,050! It costs approximately $350 to ensure that each family who receives support from Christmas Cheer gets a full food hamper with holiday dinner essentials plus more, and a bag full of toys plus one BIG toy for each child of the sponsored families.

We are so thankful to be part of such an amazing community that helped us to exceed our goal, and especially thankful to all of the local businesses who donated their goods and services to make this gift basket as successful as it was! We featured each of these amazing businesses on our social media throughout the months of November and December to show our support and gratitude for their generous donations, so feel free to go and check out our Facebook and Instagram pages to see just exactly what these generous souls did for us! These donors include Shiny Soul Creations, Madame Babu, Bravo, North Swing Golf Lounge,Flowers and Pine World, Your Home @ Java Cup Co., Nails by Alexandra, HarbourHome Interiors, Sugar the Cake Pop Shop, The Splendid Script, Olive Oil Co., Scentsy and US – Gravity Salon Professionals. From all of the different businesses we 

Though we were ecstatic to have raised so much money for this amazing cause, we decided that we wanted to help out even more by going to volunteer at the Christmas Cheer warehouse so that we could actually see where our efforts went to! We had so much fun being elves all morning and packing up the toys that get distributed just before Christmas! Almost our whole team was able to come and help out and we loved every second of it. Alongside us, there were many other individuals who were there sorting and packing up food donations for the food hampers, even including classes from local high schools! It’s one thing to raise money for a great cause, but to be able to go one step further and help out with the actual behind-the-scenes production made our efforts feel that much more special!

With 5 days to go until Christmas Eve, Christmas Cheer is still short of their goal of $250,000 and need everybody’s help in making monetary donations and donating items such as mittens, toys for infants, and toys for 7-9 year-old girls! If you are feeling generous and would like to make a donation, head over to the Christmas Cheer website at https://christmascheerbarrie.comto make a cash donation, and to see a list of all of the local businesses who have drop-off boxes for toy donations! You can also message us to find out how you can help out next year – we will definitely be back there again to do our part!

Thank you so much again to everybody who supported us and who helped us surpass our fundraising goal this past month – we couldn’t have done it without you and can’t wait to see what next year has in store!

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Fill a Purse for a Sister was a HUGE Success!

After three amazing months the ‘Fill a Purse for a Sister Campaign’ has come to an end, and the support that we have received from our clients and the community as a whole has been even more incredible than what we could have ever anticipated! For this campaign we offered up the salon as a drop-off location for purses and backpacks full of goods and necessities that those in need may appreciate this winter! The Fill a Purse for a Sister Campaign is an initiative that encourages people to donate new or gently-used purses full of miscellaneous items such as books, make-up, gloves, feminine hygiene products, gum, hand cream and any other items that one may keep in their purse on any given day, and in turn, these bags would be donated to local women in need. This campaign also encourages people to donate new and gently used backpacks full of school supplies and other items that would be handy for youth in their everyday activities!

This year, all of the purses and backpacks that are collected in Barrie, Innisfil and other surrounding areas in Simcoe County are being donated to the David Busby Centre in Barrie, a not-for-profit organization in the area that advocates and supports those who are homeless or who are at a risk of homelessness. The David Busy Centre has graciously offered to accept these bags and distribute them to those in the Barrie area who need it most for the winter months. We think that this is such an important initiative, especially with the winter months quickly-approaching and were happy to contribute as much as we could towards this amazing cause! From September 1st to December 1st we have been promoting this campaign on all of our social media and in the salon and the response has been overwhelming!

We received an e-mail from our local purse collector yesterday who let us know that we collected a grand total of 73 purses and backpacks this year to distribute, and we are not even the only drop-off location in Barrie so the grand total is likely so much more than that! We can’t thank everybody enough who helped us to go above and beyond the amount of bags that we expected to collect over the past three months, and a huge thank you to Julie, who diligently came and picked up dozens of a bags at a time pretty much every week!

It’s such an amazing feeling to know that so many peoples’ lives here in our own community will be made better this holiday season because of the support from our wonderful clients and other members of the community who decided to make contributions on behalf of themselves, their friends and families and even their businesses! We already can’t wait to help take part in this campaign again next year!!


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Spreading our Wealth of Knowledge Here at Gravity!

It’s been a fun week for education for one member of our Gravity Salon team! Our very own Jamie Dennis was out at the Goldwell Academy this week co-teaching the Master Colourist Designer Course to a bunch of amazing stylists from across Canada and the United States! During this class, Jamie used her wealth of knowledge and experience to teach aspiring Master Stylists how to become elite hair designers and how to utilize the skills that they have mastered during their foundational training and take them to the next level while working towards becoming a Master Stylist.

To become a Master Stylist, one must have their standard hairdresser certification, but then must also complete a number of other courses that will help them to hone in on their abilities and to become elite stylists who are set apart from the rest. The Master Colourist Designer course is just one of four courses that stylists must complete to get their Master certification, and it does more than just teach these stylists how to do amazing hair. Alongside new skills and techniques, these stylists are also taught how to facilitate the entire customer experience from offering them a beverage the minute that they walk in the door, to making sure that they are looked after for their next appointment before they leave the salon. This is what Goldwell Educators refer to as the “Colour Cycle,” a circle that starts with the greeting at the front door and client consultation, colour preparation and application, and the interaction that takes place once the colour is actually complete. It also teaches stylists how to speak to their clients in terms that will resonate with them and make them feel comfortable during the transition from consultation to the actual application of colour, and to ensure that they have a full understanding of the process that is about to take place.

The Master Stylist Designer Course is three-days long and takes place at the Goldwell Academy. Each day, the stylists are expected to facilitate the entire process from start to finish on live models each day, and are evaluated at the end of the course. Upon successful completion, the stylists receive a Sapphire Medallion Certification and become one step closer to being a certified Master Stylist. Jamie has taught this course for 15 years, and has also created some of Goldwell’s most iconic colour classes, and is always open to sharing her wealth of knowledge with all of the eager stylists who sign up for the classes that she teaches both at the Academy and also across North America.

Jamie is not our only stylist who is an educator outside of the salon though, we are lucky enough to have our salon owner and one of our other master colourists and stylists, Lindie Blackwell, who teach on the Goldwell Education team as well. Ivo and Jamie are both National Artists and Educators, and Lindie is an International Guest Artist who has travelled globally to teach some of the world’s best stylists, as well as stylists right in our own backyard at the Goldwell Academy in Mississauga. Lindie teaches a number of elite colour courses and seminars and is always having her brain picked by stylists about anything from colour mixing to creative colour placement. Ivo also teaches the Master Colourist course, as well as the Hair Mentor Course and Hair Sciences course, and is considered to be a real mentor in the both the styling side of the industry, as well as the education side of things.

Another one of our Senior stylists and colourists, Esther Timewell, alongside Ivo, is also an educator for the hair styling and product line, KMS, and both her and Ivo have taught a multitude of courses on styling with all of the different products that KMS has to offer and how to use them in the most contemporary and trendy ways.

The best part about having all of these brilliant educators here at Gravity is that they are able to bring all of their knowledge back to the salon to share with the other stylists and if we’re lucky, to teach courses on some of the skills that they have perfected! Just last month, we were lucky enough to take the morning off of styling to have Lindie teach us all about Goldwell’s brand new iconic colour line, Pure Pigments. Lindie has done a ton of ad campaigns for Pure Pigments and has applied all kinds of different colours on different hair types, and she also used her expertise to teach the rest of the salon how to apply this new product effectively and we have seen nothing but amazing results in the salon!

We are so grateful to have such an educated and talented team, and we look forward to continuing our education for the years to come to be able to expand our knowledge and be the best stylists that we can be for our amazing clients! Our accomplished set of stylists is just one of the many reasons why Gravity is Barrie’s best salon!







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