Lindie Blackwell Takes Over Canadian Hairdresser Magazine!

Our stylists make us proud all the time, but it’s not every day that a salon gets to boast that one of their very own stylists was selected to do the cover of Canadian Hairdresser Magazine! This was in the works for a while, but it was always on the down-low…. Until now! And now that the issue has been published, we can’t stop talking about it! For this Colour Edition of Canadian Hairdresser Magazine, Lindie worked alongside a team of extremely talented professionals to make the vision for the Goldwell Remix Collection a reality, including fellow Goldwell Colourist, Michael Shire, Make-up and Nail Artist, Delia Lupan and Photographer, Dan Lim. The four of these creative and talented humans created a number of styles with vibrant colours and edgy, modern cuts, that were all beautifully-captured in some stellar photography work. The magic doesn’t stop there though – not only was Lindie focused on the cover of Canadian Hairdresser Magazine, her and her work was featured in an 8-page spread in the magazine itself. With a range of vibrant pinks, blues and yellows, this collection has us feeling extra excited for spring! Lindie has always had an amazingly-creative eye for colour and we have no doubt that this, mixed with her undeniable talent is exactly what landed her this incredible opportunity, and we are so so SO proud!! Our stylists never fail to amaze us <3 Check out the pics below to see both the cover and the 8-page spread!






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6 Moisturizing Products to Fight Winter Hair Damage!

With these cold, blustery days comes dry hands, cold feet and the worst of all – dry hair. Even though it feels like there’s been a ton of moisture lately (ahem, the snowmageddon that we just experienced these past two days), the air is actually dryer and colder than you think and can be damaging your hair without you even knowing it! Whether you feel it in the ends of your hair, or if it’s the static that gets you, there are definitely remedies that can help with hair protection and damage prevention, and that will make your hair days much more bearable! To try to help you out, we have compiled some of our favourite moisturizing hair products for the winter months to keep your locks feeling fresh, luscious and full of moisture! Check out our list of our top 6 favourite products for winter hair remedy, all of which we carry right here at Gravity Salon Professionals!

As you will see from our favourite picks, hair health starts from step 1 – cleansing! It’s important to make sure that your hair has the basic foundation that it needs to flourish and stay hydrated in the winter months by using salon-quality, moisture-enhancing shampoos and conditioners, and then matching this simple washing routine with further protectants such as leave-in conditioners and heat protectant styling products!


Goldwell Rich Repair Shampoo and Conditioner

Goldwell’s Rich Repair Shampoo and Conditioner is a luxurious combo that repairs hair from the inside out and helps to restore shine into dull, dehydrated winter locks! We often recommend this product to clients who are experiencing dry and damaged hair and whose hair can handle a richer, creamier formula than some other Goldwell shampoo and conditioner products! This combo is affordable but also premium salon-quality – proving that you don’t need to spend the big bucks to have healthy, shiny hair! We love Rich Repair and carry it in both small and large sizes, and is a staple product that we always make sure we keep stocked – especially in the winter months for people who need it most for help with hair protection!


KMS Moist Repair Shampoo and Conditioner

The KMS Moist Repair Shampoo and Conditioner is an amazing, high quality yet affordable cleansing set to restore your hair’s moisture with every wash! It’s creamy, rich texture feels luxurious (and it smells amazing too) and helps to actually even REPAIR hair damage that has been caused by lack of moisture! We normally recommend these products to people with normal to thick hair, but could be used for other hair types as well depending on the level of repair you need!


KMS Moist Repair Leave-In Conditioner

To go along with your Moist Repair Shampoo and Conditioner, is the Moist Repair Leave-In Conditioner Spray, which also helps to restore moisture and combat static! This leave-in conditioner is a lightweight formula that instantly detangles and moisturizes and is a great alternative to creamier conditioners that may leave some hair feeling weighted and greasy! This is one of our favourite products that we recommend to so many of our clients in the winter because it truly is magic! If you’re looking for quality and affordability – this will be your go-to hair protection product!

Thermashape Straightening Crème

 One of the most damaging things for your hair, especially in the winter months, is artificial heat – for example, blow-drying, straightening or curling! Besides your regular moisturizing shampoo and conditioner and any other leave-in conditioners that you may use, you may want to consider a heat-protectant styling aid for your precious locks before you hit them with the tools! Our favourite here at the salon (and everybody else’s – we can barely keep it on the shelf) is KMS’s Thermashape Styling Crème, a lightweight creamy styling product that protects your hair against heat and leaves it feeling luxurious! All you need is a dime-sized amount to run through wet hair before you blow-dry and it works wonders! It’s smooth and silky without the heavy greasy feeling of other leave-in creams and it smells AMAZING! We recommend this product to so many clients time and time again, we just can’t get enough of it!

Any Product from the KMS Curl-Up Line

As you can tell – we really love KMS products here at the salon, and we especially adore the KMS Curl Up line! This line was created specifically for curly hair so it automatically contains more moisture and restorative products to keep curls tight, bouncy and moisturized. It’s designed to enhance curl retention and reduce frizz – two things that are major keys when it comes to curly hair! Curl Up has a number of different products from shampoo, to styling creams, leave-in conditioners and styling foams, all of which help with hair protection as well as styling! If you have curly hair and you struggle with it in the winter, Curl Up will always be a great option – just make sure to consult with a stylist to see which product is right for you!

Pureology Hydrate Shampoo & Conditioner

Though we are a Goldwell-exclusive salon, we do carry some select Pureology products, and our fan favourite is the Hydrate shampoo and conditioner duo. Though slightly more expensive than the KMS products, Hydrate contains a number of premium products to help moisturize and repair damaged hair – and it smells fantastic! Hydrate is one of Pureology’s most popular lines and we always make sure that we have it in stock at the salon, especially in the winter when people need it most!


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We would like to thank everyone who voted us BARRIE’S FAVOURITE SALON! Also, a humongous thank you to all our fantastic clients and friends who continue to trust us, we could not have accomplished this without any of you! Finally, last but certainly not least, THANK YOU to our amazing Gravity Salon family, we would not be BARRIE’S FAVOURITE SALON if it weren’t for our amazing talented and unique group!



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Riley Cuts 4 Gilda’s

Riley Ough was excited to cut her hair last month in support of Gilda’s Club Simcoe Muskoka. The 16 year old hadn’t had a haircut in over 3 years and had more than enough to donate to 360 Hair. The goal was to raise awareness and funds for Gilda’s Club Simcoe Muskoka and was a true success with the community coming together to help raise over $410 in support of Riley Cuts 4 Cancer.

A HUGE Thank You goes out to Jamie Dennis, Master Colourist & Senior Stylist at Gravity Salon Professionals located at 206 Bradford St. who donated her time & skills to make Riley’s hair look amazing after the BIG cut! Great work Riley, it’s very impressive to see a young woman going above and beyond to help those in need while supporting a local organization like Gilda’s Club at the same time! For more info please visit    or
snap-a snap-b snap-check


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