Stacey Baldwin

Stacey Baldwin has been a Senior Stylist and Colourist for over 10 years. Stacey has a wide range of skills, but one of the things that she prides herself on the most, is her keen eye and ability for cutting naturally curly hair.

Having curly hair herself, Stacey knows just how hard it can be for someone to take the time to truly understand her hair and how to work with it, but she has proved to her clients time and time again that they can trust her to listen to what they want, and to deliver amazing results.

Stacey also has the amazing ability to create vibrant and natural-looking blonde shades, and is always open to and enthusiastic about working with any hair colour or type. Whether it is highlights, balayage or an all-over shade, Stacey understands how important the placement of colour is and makes great use of her skillful eye to get that perfect tone every time!

Stacey’s absolute favourite thing to do though is hair transformations, and she is always eager to use her talent to give clients a complete hair overhaul. Stacey is a dedicated listener who always pays close attention to what her clients want, and uses her professional opinion and experience to guide them in the best direction for their personal needs.

Stacey is both professional and personable and welcomes all of her clients, new and old, with open arms and a warm smile.

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