Spreading our Wealth of Knowledge Here at Gravity!

It’s been a fun week for education for one member of our Gravity Salon team! Our very own Jamie Dennis was out at the Goldwell Academy this week co-teaching the Master Colourist Designer Course to a bunch of amazing stylists from across Canada and the United States! During this class, Jamie used her wealth of knowledge and experience to teach aspiring Master Stylists how to become elite hair designers and how to utilize the skills that they have mastered during their foundational training and take them to the next level while working towards becoming a Master Stylist.

To become a Master Stylist, one must have their standard hairdresser certification, but then must also complete a number of other courses that will help them to hone in on their abilities and to become elite stylists who are set apart from the rest. The Master Colourist Designer course is just one of four courses that stylists must complete to get their Master certification, and it does more than just teach these stylists how to do amazing hair. Alongside new skills and techniques, these stylists are also taught how to facilitate the entire customer experience from offering them a beverage the minute that they walk in the door, to making sure that they are looked after for their next appointment before they leave the salon. This is what Goldwell Educators refer to as the “Colour Cycle,” a circle that starts with the greeting at the front door and client consultation, colour preparation and application, and the interaction that takes place once the colour is actually complete. It also teaches stylists how to speak to their clients in terms that will resonate with them and make them feel comfortable during the transition from consultation to the actual application of colour, and to ensure that they have a full understanding of the process that is about to take place.

The Master Stylist Designer Course is three-days long and takes place at the Goldwell Academy. Each day, the stylists are expected to facilitate the entire process from start to finish on live models each day, and are evaluated at the end of the course. Upon successful completion, the stylists receive a Sapphire Medallion Certification and become one step closer to being a certified Master Stylist. Jamie has taught this course for 15 years, and has also created some of Goldwell’s most iconic colour classes, and is always open to sharing her wealth of knowledge with all of the eager stylists who sign up for the classes that she teaches both at the Academy and also across North America.

Jamie is not our only stylist who is an educator outside of the salon though, we are lucky enough to have our salon owner and one of our other master colourists and stylists, Lindie Blackwell, who teach on the Goldwell Education team as well. Ivo and Jamie are both National Artists and Educators, and Lindie is an International Guest Artist who has travelled globally to teach some of the world’s best stylists, as well as stylists right in our own backyard at the Goldwell Academy in Mississauga. Lindie teaches a number of elite colour courses and seminars and is always having her brain picked by stylists about anything from colour mixing to creative colour placement. Ivo also teaches the Master Colourist course, as well as the Hair Mentor Course and Hair Sciences course, and is considered to be a real mentor in the both the styling side of the industry, as well as the education side of things.

Another one of our Senior stylists and colourists, Esther Timewell, alongside Ivo, is also an educator for the hair styling and product line, KMS, and both her and Ivo have taught a multitude of courses on styling with all of the different products that KMS has to offer and how to use them in the most contemporary and trendy ways.

The best part about having all of these brilliant educators here at Gravity is that they are able to bring all of their knowledge back to the salon to share with the other stylists and if we’re lucky, to teach courses on some of the skills that they have perfected! Just last month, we were lucky enough to take the morning off of styling to have Lindie teach us all about Goldwell’s brand new iconic colour line, Pure Pigments. Lindie has done a ton of ad campaigns for Pure Pigments and has applied all kinds of different colours on different hair types, and she also used her expertise to teach the rest of the salon how to apply this new product effectively and we have seen nothing but amazing results in the salon!

We are so grateful to have such an educated and talented team, and we look forward to continuing our education for the years to come to be able to expand our knowledge and be the best stylists that we can be for our amazing clients! Our accomplished set of stylists is just one of the many reasons why Gravity is Barrie’s best salon!







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