It’s Green Circle Pick-Up Time at Gravity!

We are so proud to be a Sustainable Green Circle Certified Salon!

Here at Gravity we like to be as environmentally-conscious as we can! About three years ago, we began to implement the Green Circle Salons program into our everyday business practice. We found that we were throwing away so much hair and product (such as colour, lightener and foils), and we wanted to figure out a way that we could reduce the waste that we produced and put it towards a good cause.

The Green Circle Salons Program was the perfect fit for our objectives, as it regularly collects all of our “waste” that we have no use for, and recycles it in a meaningful, safe and environmentally-friendly way. Green Circle Salons dedicates their practice to keeping chemicals from colours and lighteners out of water ways and disposing of them properly, and sustainably cleaning and recycling foils and colour tubes for some type of future use.

But you may ask: What do they do with all of that HAIR?

Well, that may arguably be their best and most innovative initiative of all (and our personal favourite!) The Green Circle Salons Program uses all of the excess hair that they pick up from salons – which is a LOT, trust us on this one – to fill oil-absorbing stockings to help contain oil spills in nearby bodies of water! The collected hair is sent to Alouette Correctional Centre for Women in Maple Ridge, British Columbia, where the oil-absorbing “booms” are made, and then dispersed out to areas that need this type of assistance in controlling and containing oil spills. Now all of a sudden that 2-inch “trim” that your stylist suggests doesn’t seem so bad, does it? All of that hair is actually being put to good use, and you can feel great that just by getting your hair cut at our salon, you’re directly helping the environment with your luscious locks and making a huge positive difference in preserving our precious oceans!

Partnering with Green Circle Salons has been one of our favourite salon initiatives to-date, and when we explain it to clients, they are always shocked and amazed at the difference that it makes! In such an environmentally-conscious society, we are so glad that we can do our part and be a more sustainable salon, simply by doing the jobs that we love so much, and that we do so well.

For more information on the Green Circle Salons Program, feel free to give us a call and ask, or talk to your stylist next time you’re in! Thank YOU for helping US to preserve our beautiful earth!




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