Gravity Salon at Barrie’s Christmas Cheer!

As many of you know, we have decided to help fundraise for Barrie and District ChristmasCheer this year by collecting some donations of goods and services from some amazing local businesses from around the Barrie area, and putting them into a gift basket to be raffled off to our clients and their friends and families! The gift basket was an even bigger success than what we could ever have hoped for, and we quickly changed our goal of being able to support two families with$700 to supporting THREE families with $1,050! It costs approximately $350 to ensure that each family who receives support from Christmas Cheer gets a full food hamper with holiday dinner essentials plus more, and a bag full of toys plus one BIG toy for each child of the sponsored families.

We are so thankful to be part of such an amazing community that helped us to exceed our goal, and especially thankful to all of the local businesses who donated their goods and services to make this gift basket as successful as it was! We featured each of these amazing businesses on our social media throughout the months of November and December to show our support and gratitude for their generous donations, so feel free to go and check out our Facebook and Instagram pages to see just exactly what these generous souls did for us! These donors include Shiny Soul Creations, Madame Babu, Bravo, North Swing Golf Lounge,Flowers and Pine World, Your Home @ Java Cup Co., Nails by Alexandra, HarbourHome Interiors, Sugar the Cake Pop Shop, The Splendid Script, Olive Oil Co., Scentsy and US – Gravity Salon Professionals. From all of the different businesses we 

Though we were ecstatic to have raised so much money for this amazing cause, we decided that we wanted to help out even more by going to volunteer at the Christmas Cheer warehouse so that we could actually see where our efforts went to! We had so much fun being elves all morning and packing up the toys that get distributed just before Christmas! Almost our whole team was able to come and help out and we loved every second of it. Alongside us, there were many other individuals who were there sorting and packing up food donations for the food hampers, even including classes from local high schools! It’s one thing to raise money for a great cause, but to be able to go one step further and help out with the actual behind-the-scenes production made our efforts feel that much more special!

With 5 days to go until Christmas Eve, Christmas Cheer is still short of their goal of $250,000 and need everybody’s help in making monetary donations and donating items such as mittens, toys for infants, and toys for 7-9 year-old girls! If you are feeling generous and would like to make a donation, head over to the Christmas Cheer website at https://christmascheerbarrie.comto make a cash donation, and to see a list of all of the local businesses who have drop-off boxes for toy donations! You can also message us to find out how you can help out next year – we will definitely be back there again to do our part!

Thank you so much again to everybody who supported us and who helped us surpass our fundraising goal this past month – we couldn’t have done it without you and can’t wait to see what next year has in store!

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