Globalzoom 2018 came to TORONTO!

Not too long ago, some members from our Gravity family made appearances at Goldwell and KMS’s biggest international hair show and competition – Globalzoom! Globalzoom is a true international show, with stylists coming to compete and showcase their talent on a live stage from every major country from across the globe. Globalzoom takes place at a different international venue every single year, but this time was extra special for us because even though our stylists have had no problem using the competition as an excuse to globe trot (Berlin, Barcelona, Las Vegas…), the 2018 show was in our favourite concrete jungle and our very own backyard – Toronto, Ontario! This year our salon owner, Ivo Tiberio, made the trip down to the city to take part in the iconic event, and many of our other stylists have attended at the international destinations in years before.

What is even more amazing though, is that besides going for the entertainment and social aspect – one of our very own team members, Lindie Blackwell, was an on-stage hair artist who showcased her unmatchable talent while working the show for the entire weekend! Lindie used her skill and innovative colour techniques to wow 4,200 of the industry’s best international stylists with Goldwell’s newest trend releases and brand technology. More specifically though, Lindie was showcasing the stunning new colour-morphing technology of Goldwell’s new and iconic Pure Pigments line. Lindie did this live on-stage, with real models, in front of thousands of people, and made it look like it was a cakewalk to everybody who was watching. This is so exciting for us – not only because we get to brag about how cool our stylists are, but because we have somebody right at our fingertips who is so knowledgeable about this amazing new product, and can help us to utilize it to it’s best potential in our very own salon! This isn’t the first year that Lindie has worked as an international stage artist for Globalzoom; in fact, she also worked the Las Vegas and the Barcelona shows as well, but it was amazing to see our very own fabulous Canadian talent representing the industry’s best colour line in a venue that is so close to home.

Another personal connection that Gravity has with Globalzoom is that one of our day-one stylists, Jamie Dennis, is a three-time semi-finalist, winning gold for Ontario, and ALSO won gold for Canada in 2014. This achievement took Jamie and her hair model across the world to Berlin, Germany, to represent Canada on a global platform among the world’s best international stylists. This was such a dream come true for both Jamie and our salon and it truly speaks volumes to the kind of talent that we have behind the chair at Gravity.

As you can tell, we LOVE Globalzoom here at Gravity Salon and we look forward to this weekend every single year. It’s a time where we get to meet and socialize with our fellow stylists from both near and far, and a time to soak up the wealth of knowledge that all of the amazing Goldwell stage artists have to offer. We always come out of the weekend feeling so inspired by our introduction to the new season’s hottest trends and by watching the hair industry’s top stylists compete against each other in a live-show. We always return to the salon feeling re-energized and even more in love with our trade than ever before, and the best part is being able to use some of the new techniques and products that we got to check out by being at the event! With that being said, we want every opportunity that we can get to show off our new skills – so anytime you visit the salon, don’t hesitate to ask us about what we learned and how it can be used on you!

It’s only been a couple of weeks since we’ve been back and we already can’t wait for next year!

Globalzoom 2019 is in Vienna!!!…. Here we come!!



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