Spreading our Wealth of Knowledge Here at Gravity!

It’s been a fun week for education for one member of our Gravity Salon team! Our very own Jamie Dennis was out at the Goldwell Academy this week co-teaching the Master Colourist Designer Course to a bunch of amazing stylists from across Canada and the United States! During this class, Jamie used her wealth of knowledge and experience to teach aspiring Master Stylists how to become elite hair designers and how to utilize the skills that they have mastered during their foundational training and take them to the next level while working towards becoming a Master Stylist.

To become a Master Stylist, one must have their standard hairdresser certification, but then must also complete a number of other courses that will help them to hone in on their abilities and to become elite stylists who are set apart from the rest. The Master Colourist Designer course is just one of four courses that stylists must complete to get their Master certification, and it does more than just teach these stylists how to do amazing hair. Alongside new skills and techniques, these stylists are also taught how to facilitate the entire customer experience from offering them a beverage the minute that they walk in the door, to making sure that they are looked after for their next appointment before they leave the salon. This is what Goldwell Educators refer to as the “Colour Cycle,” a circle that starts with the greeting at the front door and client consultation, colour preparation and application, and the interaction that takes place once the colour is actually complete. It also teaches stylists how to speak to their clients in terms that will resonate with them and make them feel comfortable during the transition from consultation to the actual application of colour, and to ensure that they have a full understanding of the process that is about to take place.

The Master Stylist Designer Course is three-days long and takes place at the Goldwell Academy. Each day, the stylists are expected to facilitate the entire process from start to finish on live models each day, and are evaluated at the end of the course. Upon successful completion, the stylists receive a Sapphire Medallion Certification and become one step closer to being a certified Master Stylist. Jamie has taught this course for 15 years, and has also created some of Goldwell’s most iconic colour classes, and is always open to sharing her wealth of knowledge with all of the eager stylists who sign up for the classes that she teaches both at the Academy and also across North America.

Jamie is not our only stylist who is an educator outside of the salon though, we are lucky enough to have our salon owner and one of our other master colourists and stylists, Lindie Blackwell, who teach on the Goldwell Education team as well. Ivo and Jamie are both National Artists and Educators, and Lindie is an International Guest Artist who has travelled globally to teach some of the world’s best stylists, as well as stylists right in our own backyard at the Goldwell Academy in Mississauga. Lindie teaches a number of elite colour courses and seminars and is always having her brain picked by stylists about anything from colour mixing to creative colour placement. Ivo also teaches the Master Colourist course, as well as the Hair Mentor Course and Hair Sciences course, and is considered to be a real mentor in the both the styling side of the industry, as well as the education side of things.

Another one of our Senior stylists and colourists, Esther Timewell, alongside Ivo, is also an educator for the hair styling and product line, KMS, and both her and Ivo have taught a multitude of courses on styling with all of the different products that KMS has to offer and how to use them in the most contemporary and trendy ways.

The best part about having all of these brilliant educators here at Gravity is that they are able to bring all of their knowledge back to the salon to share with the other stylists and if we’re lucky, to teach courses on some of the skills that they have perfected! Just last month, we were lucky enough to take the morning off of styling to have Lindie teach us all about Goldwell’s brand new iconic colour line, Pure Pigments. Lindie has done a ton of ad campaigns for Pure Pigments and has applied all kinds of different colours on different hair types, and she also used her expertise to teach the rest of the salon how to apply this new product effectively and we have seen nothing but amazing results in the salon!

We are so grateful to have such an educated and talented team, and we look forward to continuing our education for the years to come to be able to expand our knowledge and be the best stylists that we can be for our amazing clients! Our accomplished set of stylists is just one of the many reasons why Gravity is Barrie’s best salon!







Help Us Raise Money for Barrie and District Christmas Cheer This Holiday Season!

Here at Gravity Salon, we know just how important it is to be involved in the community and we are constantly trying to find ways to do this, and to help support our fellow local businesses as well. That’s why this year, we have decided to do something that will combine both of these initiatives for the holiday season. With the support of many of our fellow local businesses, we have been able to put together an amazing gift basket with a huge variety of local goods and services to raise money for the Barrie and District Christmas Cheer! The outpour of generosity that we have received from the businesses that we have reached out to in the last couple of months has been absolutely amazing, and we can’t wait for one lucky winner to be able to take home all of these amazing items to gift to their loved ones on Christmas or to keep for themselves!

How this will work, is that from November 7th until December 15th, we will be selling ballots to our clients and their family and friends at $10.00 each or 3 ballots for $25.00! As of right now, the basket is valued at $538.00, and is open to any local businesses in the area to make donations up until the day that the winner is chosen. All ticket prices will remain the same regardless of the value of the basket, and all of the proceeds will be used to provide families with food, Christmas dinner essentials and toys for children up to the age of 16 for Christmas morning. Each family through Christmas Cheer requires approximately $350.00 depending on their family size to ensure that they receive all of their Christmas essentials, and Christmas Cheer does their best to ensure that every family that they assist receives an equal benefit from the organization. Our goal is to raise enough money to sponsor TWO families, which would be equal to $700.00. We know that we will be more than capable of doing this, we just need your help and support, and you will also get the opportunity to get a little something for yourself! Keep a close eye on our social media every day for a spotlight on all of our amazing donors so you can check out what their businesses are all about and see why we love them all so much!

For more information about the Barrie and District Christmas Cheer, follow the link to their website at:

Christmas Cheer Barrie | Home

Below is a list of our generous donors, their contribution and the dollar amount of their donation, as well as their contact information so that you can get a more detailed sense of what is up for grabs in this contest:

Bravo Fine Lingerie

Gift Certificate & a pair of Cake Socks

Value: $60.00

84 Dunlop St. E., Barrie ON




Shiny Soul Creations

Amazonite Bracelet Stack

Value: $35.00



The Olive Oil Co.

Olive Oil Classic Sampler Package

Value: $35.00

 South End Location:

31 Commerce Park Dr., Barrie, ON


Downtown Location:

45 Dunlop St. E., Barrie, ON



Madame Babu

Handmade ‘Stash-All’ Pouch

Value: $15.00

117 Lakeshore Mews, Barrie, ON



The Splendid Script

“Inhale, Exhale” Hand-Painted Calligraphy Sign Set

Value: $40.00

Instagram: @thesplendidscript


North Swing Golf Lounge

Two “Free Round” Gift Certificates (18 holes on a professional golf simulator)

Value: $100.00

34 Cedar Pointe Dr., Unit 500



Nails by Alexandra

Gift Certificate to go towards any nail or waxing service

Value: $50.00




Sugar the Cake Pop Shop

Gift Certificate for one free order of vegan, gluten-free cake pops

Value: $25.00




Your Home @ Java Cup Co.

Travel Mug and Coffee Gift basket

Value: $50.00

 112 Saunders Road, Unit 7, Barrie, ON



Gravity Salon Professionals

KMS Holiday Gift Set & Salon Gift Certificate

Value: $100.00


206 Bradford Street, Barrie, ON


Harbour Home Interiors

Homemade hand-poured “Warmth” candle

Value: $28.00


65 Big Bay Point Rd., Innisfil ON

Globalzoom 2018 came to TORONTO!

Not too long ago, some members from our Gravity family made appearances at Goldwell and KMS’s biggest international hair show and competition – Globalzoom! Globalzoom is a true international show, with stylists coming to compete and showcase their talent on a live stage from every major country from across the globe. Globalzoom takes place at a different international venue every single year, but this time was extra special for us because even though our stylists have had no problem using the competition as an excuse to globe trot (Berlin, Barcelona, Las Vegas…), the 2018 show was in our favourite concrete jungle and our very own backyard – Toronto, Ontario! This year our salon owner, Ivo Tiberio, made the trip down to the city to take part in the iconic event, and many of our other stylists have attended at the international destinations in years before.

What is even more amazing though, is that besides going for the entertainment and social aspect – one of our very own team members, Lindie Blackwell, was an on-stage hair artist who showcased her unmatchable talent while working the show for the entire weekend! Lindie used her skill and innovative colour techniques to wow 4,200 of the industry’s best international stylists with Goldwell’s newest trend releases and brand technology. More specifically though, Lindie was showcasing the stunning new colour-morphing technology of Goldwell’s new and iconic Pure Pigments line. Lindie did this live on-stage, with real models, in front of thousands of people, and made it look like it was a cakewalk to everybody who was watching. This is so exciting for us – not only because we get to brag about how cool our stylists are, but because we have somebody right at our fingertips who is so knowledgeable about this amazing new product, and can help us to utilize it to it’s best potential in our very own salon! This isn’t the first year that Lindie has worked as an international stage artist for Globalzoom; in fact, she also worked the Las Vegas and the Barcelona shows as well, but it was amazing to see our very own fabulous Canadian talent representing the industry’s best colour line in a venue that is so close to home.

Another personal connection that Gravity has with Globalzoom is that one of our day-one stylists, Jamie Dennis, is a three-time semi-finalist, winning gold for Ontario, and ALSO won gold for Canada in 2014. This achievement took Jamie and her hair model across the world to Berlin, Germany, to represent Canada on a global platform among the world’s best international stylists. This was such a dream come true for both Jamie and our salon and it truly speaks volumes to the kind of talent that we have behind the chair at Gravity.

As you can tell, we LOVE Globalzoom here at Gravity Salon and we look forward to this weekend every single year. It’s a time where we get to meet and socialize with our fellow stylists from both near and far, and a time to soak up the wealth of knowledge that all of the amazing Goldwell stage artists have to offer. We always come out of the weekend feeling so inspired by our introduction to the new season’s hottest trends and by watching the hair industry’s top stylists compete against each other in a live-show. We always return to the salon feeling re-energized and even more in love with our trade than ever before, and the best part is being able to use some of the new techniques and products that we got to check out by being at the event! With that being said, we want every opportunity that we can get to show off our new skills – so anytime you visit the salon, don’t hesitate to ask us about what we learned and how it can be used on you!

It’s only been a couple of weeks since we’ve been back and we already can’t wait for next year!

Globalzoom 2019 is in Vienna!!!…. Here we come!!



Cheers to 8 years!

If you’re feeling the same way that we are, you’re probably thinking that Gravity has been around forever! BUT, SURPRISE.. we just celebrated our eight year anniversary! Who would have thought that our little salon on Big Bay Point would have turned into the Bradford Street powerhouse salon that we are today! Our salon owner, Ivo Tiberio, has worked so hard these past 8 years to grow our business into something to be so proud of, and to create a place for our clients to call home. We are so happy to be celebrating this milestone together, and also so happy that we had an excuse to drink mimosas and eat donuts for breakfast…

Over the years we have had stylists come and go, but at this point in Gravity’s career we are stronger and more solid than ever! Our current team consists of 6 stylists, a receptionist and a client communications and social media coordinator. Our stylists are all extremely experienced and professional, being either Master or Senior stylists who have been in the industry for well-upwards of 10 years. Many of our stylists are also educators for Goldwell, the exclusive colour line that we used in the salon, and travel around Canada and internationally to teach creative colour placement, new colour creations and much more! We also have stylists who educate for KMS, the largest styling brand that we currently carry in the salon, who teach other stylists around Ontario how to stay current and keep up with the latest global trends in hairstyling.

These past 8 years have been full of continuing education for our stylists as well! Between cutting classes, hair painting class and advanced colour classes, all of our stylists are committed to delivering the best results to all of their clients every single day. We are constantly amazed at the finished products that our stylists create and how they just keep getting better and better with every cut, colour and style.

Besides being skilled professionals though, our stylists and staff really do make coming to work feel like we’re coming home to family. The last 8 years have been full of laughs and learning, and tons of love and support for one another! We truly would not be where we are today without such an amazing support system and a solid foundation to grow our business from.

Lastly though, and most importantly, we need to extend a huge thank you and recognition to our amazing clients who have both stuck with us over the past 8 years, and who have joined our Gravity family more recently. We wouldn’t be us without you and we love nothing more than seeing your beautiful smiling faces when you leave the salon with your brand new hair! We are always opening our doors to new clients and we love the new, individualized experiences that we get from each and every client who comes into our salon!

Here at Gravity we are all about attracting what matters, and we can’t wait to open our home to you!

THANK YOU for making us Barrie’s best salon!


It’s Green Circle Pick-Up Time at Gravity!

We are so proud to be a Sustainable Green Circle Certified Salon!

Here at Gravity we like to be as environmentally-conscious as we can! About three years ago, we began to implement the Green Circle Salons program into our everyday business practice. We found that we were throwing away so much hair and product (such as colour, lightener and foils), and we wanted to figure out a way that we could reduce the waste that we produced and put it towards a good cause.

The Green Circle Salons Program was the perfect fit for our objectives, as it regularly collects all of our “waste” that we have no use for, and recycles it in a meaningful, safe and environmentally-friendly way. Green Circle Salons dedicates their practice to keeping chemicals from colours and lighteners out of water ways and disposing of them properly, and sustainably cleaning and recycling foils and colour tubes for some type of future use.

But you may ask: What do they do with all of that HAIR?

Well, that may arguably be their best and most innovative initiative of all (and our personal favourite!) The Green Circle Salons Program uses all of the excess hair that they pick up from salons – which is a LOT, trust us on this one – to fill oil-absorbing stockings to help contain oil spills in nearby bodies of water! The collected hair is sent to Alouette Correctional Centre for Women in Maple Ridge, British Columbia, where the oil-absorbing “booms” are made, and then dispersed out to areas that need this type of assistance in controlling and containing oil spills. Now all of a sudden that 2-inch “trim” that your stylist suggests doesn’t seem so bad, does it? All of that hair is actually being put to good use, and you can feel great that just by getting your hair cut at our salon, you’re directly helping the environment with your luscious locks and making a huge positive difference in preserving our precious oceans!

Partnering with Green Circle Salons has been one of our favourite salon initiatives to-date, and when we explain it to clients, they are always shocked and amazed at the difference that it makes! In such an environmentally-conscious society, we are so glad that we can do our part and be a more sustainable salon, simply by doing the jobs that we love so much, and that we do so well.

For more information on the Green Circle Salons Program, feel free to give us a call and ask, or talk to your stylist next time you’re in! Thank YOU for helping US to preserve our beautiful earth!




Fill a Purse for a Sister with Gravity Salon!

It’s been less than a month since Gravity Salon Professionals committed to being a drop-off location for the Fill a Purse for a Sister campaign, and the feedback so far from our clients and the community has been incredible! We have received so many purses and backpacks already, and encourage people to continue to drop them off at our salon until December 1st, when the campaign comes to an end!

The Fill a Purse for a Sister and the Fill a Backpack for a Youth campaigns were founded by social worker and activist, Angel Freedman. The purpose behind Fill a Purse for a Sister and Fill a Backpack for a Youth is to ensure that women and youth who are in need in communities across the GTA have access to essentials and little luxuries that every person deserves to have in their life.

Statistics show that women are more likely to live in poverty than men, that they are more likely to be placed in precarious job positions than men, that 80% of lone-parent families are led by single mothers (the average yearly income for lone-parent family headed by a female is $21,200, which is HALF of the yearly earnings of male lone-parent family), and that women who live in poverty are more at-risk of staying in an abusive relationship out of fear that they won’t be able to support their family.* The reality of these statistics as well is that when women are living in poverty, their children are often living in poverty as well.

Now after reading this you may be asking “what can I do to help?” The Fill a Purse for a Sister and Fill a Backpack for a Youth Campaigns are amazing ways that you can get involved and know that your efforts have gone directly to a person who needs it most. You can either fill a new or gently-used purse full of books, feminine hygiene products, coffee shop gift cards, make-up, shampoo and conditioner anything else that you think a woman may want to keep in her purse on a regular basis; or a backpack full of school supplies, toys, clothes, books and hygiene products for local youth who may not have the luxury of owning these items on their own.

If you have any questions about the campaign, or other ways that you can help local community members in need, don’t hesitate to give us a call at the salon at 705-252-3992 or send us a Facebook message on the Gravity Salon Professionals Facebook page! We thank you for all of your support this far, and for your commitment to making a difference in our amazing community!

*statistics were taken from https://www.canadianwomen.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/Facts-About-Women-and-Poverty.pdf 



A Big Warm “Thank You!” From Ivo Tiberio

Gravity Salon Professionals really is Barrie’s Best Salon.

Winning Barrie’s Favourite Salon for a second year in a row is such an honour to the entire Gravity Salon family and we can’t thank our clients and community enough for their overwhelming support! What is even more exciting though, is that this year, our salon owner Ivo Tiberio, has been recognized as Barrie’s Favourite Colour Technician as well! Ivo is so thrilled about this recognition, and wanted to share some words on what these awards mean to him as both a Master Stylist, and as a business owner:

After 34 years of being a stylist, I am thrilled to be recognized by my community and by my clients as Barrie’s Favourite Colour Technician. Receiving any award that recognizes your talent and accomplishments is an honour, but the fact that it came from my community and from my clients has made it so much more special to me, and I am so genuinely proud of this achievement. I take great pride in each and every guest that comes to visit, and it means so much when it’s my clients who are supporting me and acknowledging the work that I do, in the field that I love the most. The hair industry is very near and dear to my heart, as I have been a part of it from a very young age. I have been a licensed stylist for 34 years, but what many people do not know is that I have been a part of the industry for so much longer than that. Ever since I was a kid, I was always helping out in my family’s salon; helping to shampoo peoples’ hair and sweep floors, and continue to develop my passion for styling that has gotten me to where I am today. I have developed both as a stylist and as a person since then, but one thing that has never changed for me is the joy that I feel when I see people light up after they see what their stylist has created, and the new-found bounce in their step when they leave the salon. Alongside being a licensed stylist, I have also had the great privilege of working for Goldwell to help train both junior and senior stylists on a National level. Working with Goldwell has been such an amazing opportunity because it taught me so much as a stylist and a colourist, but it also allowed me to share my knowledge and experience with my colleagues, and to contribute to the hair industry in a meaningful way.

Another thing that means so much to me is the community that voted for me. I have lived in Barrie for 17 years and have always dreamed of having a successful business here. I love Barrie because it has a small-town feel with big-city amenities. I truly feel like Barrie is reflective of my own personality – being relaxed, professional and inviting, and I feel that this has been reflected within Gravity as well. I made it my goal to create a warm and inviting atmosphere with high-quality, big-city talent and I am honoured that the community feels that this is reflected in both my personal work, and the work space that I have worked so hard to create. 

 I cannot thank everybody enough for taking the time to vote for both myself and the salon and I look forward to continuing to deliver excellent service and maintain our title as Barrie’s Favourite Salon for years to come!”

Ivo Tiberio



We would like to thank everyone who voted us BARRIE’S FAVOURITE SALON! Also, a humongous thank you to all our fantastic clients and friends who continue to trust us, we could not have accomplished this without any of you! Finally, last but certainly not least, THANK YOU to our amazing Gravity Salon family, we would not be BARRIE’S FAVOURITE SALON if it weren’t for our amazing talented and unique group!



GREEN CIRCLE Recycling Day

It’s @greencirclesalons collection day here at GRAVITY SALON PROFESSIONALS!

In just a couple of months we have recycled 4 full bags of hair, 3 full bags of foil and 2 full bags of hair colour and chemicals!!!







#Greencirclesalons       #enivromentallyfriendly     #Gravitysalonprofessionals   #Goldwell #KMS #reducereuserecycle

Riley Cuts 4 Gilda’s

Riley Ough was excited to cut her hair last month in support of Gilda’s Club Simcoe Muskoka. The 16 year old hadn’t had a haircut in over 3 years and had more than enough to donate to 360 Hair. The goal was to raise awareness and funds for Gilda’s Club Simcoe Muskoka and was a true success with the community coming together to help raise over $410 in support of Riley Cuts 4 Cancer.

A HUGE Thank You goes out to Jamie Dennis, Master Colourist & Senior Stylist at Gravity Salon Professionals located at 206 Bradford St. who donated her time & skills to make Riley’s hair look amazing after the BIG cut! Great work Riley, it’s very impressive to see a young woman going above and beyond to help those in need while supporting a local organization like Gilda’s Club at the same time! For more info please visit   www.barrie.snapd.com/event/971989#/    or   www.gildasclubsimcoemuskoka.org
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