Gravity Salon Professionals does NYC!

Last weekend was an exciting one for a bunch of our Gravity stylists who jet-setted down to the Goldwell Academy in New York City alongside 6 other Master Colourists from Canada for an exclusive Goldwell training program! Once they got there, they were also trained alongside fellow Master Colourists and Stylists from the USA and Mexico – an amazing environment for sharing each other’s creativity! Our salon owner, Ivo Tiberio, and two of our Master Colourists and Stylists Jamie Dennis and Lindie Blackwell, attended different training events over the span of 4 days to expand their skills and knowledge as professionals in the field and also to network and interact with their industry peers!


This training was multi-faceted and this time around, was focused somewhat on colour and styling but also had a unique component – a course on how to be effective teachers themselves. As you’ll see from their website biographies, Ivo, Jamie and Lindie are Goldwell educators, and this weekend was spent focusing more on how to effectively connect with THEIR audience, while educating others out in the field.


The weekend training covered a number of different topics, including a seminar on social media and being an influencer within the industry, but one of the most effective parts according to our stylists was learning how to connect with different learning styles throughout their training to maximize the effects that their teaching has on others. They learned how to tailor their trainings to expand outwards from their own typical training styles, and to incorporate certain training methods for different types of learners – whether it be audio, visual etc.


Alongside this insightful educator training, was of course, training that was focused on hair colour. The hair industry is currently experiencing “colour-mania” – people LOVE colour, so it’s always important for our stylists to stay on top of the most recent colour trends and product innovations so that they can deliver the very best results to their clients while behind the chair.


Jamie was fortunate enough to attend a course that gave the trainees a product topic, for example, they had to use only the Pure Pigments line from Goldwell, and they were given 12 hours to make a complete 4-5 look collection, from colour to cut and everything in between, and then they had to present that collection to their peers, and ensure that their presentation flowed effectively in a large group of people.


And as if all of this education wasn’t enough – both Ivo and Jamie (both of whom are educators for different Master Colourist Courses) learned even more about the Master Colourist Training Program, and how it has been both simplified BUT has also been made more challenging – to be a more effective training program for future elite stylists who are seeking a Master Colourist title.


The last leg of the educator training this past weekend was focused on how to effectively use social media as a stylist, and how to become an influencer in the field using the power of Instagram and Facebook to show off their talent and connect with followers and potential clients through photographs! This training is so important and so helpful, considering how social media-crazy today’s society is.

We always love being able to share with all of you the exciting stuff that’s going on inside the salon, but also the exciting things that we do outside of the salon – including all of the advanced education that our stylists receive. We always want our clients to know that when they visit our salon, they are receiving the best of the best treatment from our stylists who have a passion for what they do and for furthering their education! We can’t wait to share with you where our next big adventure takes us!


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